"Passivhaus" is  a  passive house, but construction criteria  is entrusted to a design "concept"  quantitative . It had been developing  in Germany  by the Research Institute PHI Passivhaus Institut since 1988.

Today thousands of houses, administrative and commercial buildings, schools , churches and supermarkets throughout the world are  Passivhaus  certified. The results are amazing and the experiences have been validating   living comfort and  really reducing energy consumption  by 10 times lower than  conventional buildings. 



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Giuda alla Passivhaus

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Guide to Passivhaus

in Germania nasce il concetto di Passivhaus
a Darmstadt sorge il primo edificio Passivhaus


viene certificato il primo edificio in Sicilia





viene certificato il primo edificio in Italia

If you have decided to make your house a Passivhaus, there is good news: that of the passive house is a protocol, which anyone can freely join.


Who to contact to build a passive house?


· Architects and engineers can develop design techniques and technologies, construction in full autonomy or becoming advise and follow the the certified bodies on the territory, just as IG Passivhaus Sicily;

· The individuals do not have to do is turn to qualified professionals and certified by the PHI - Passivhaus Institut - the only ones in the whole world, to know in detail the procedures to be followed for the construction of a passive house;

· The public bodies that wish to get a building's passive can apply for certification to the PHI.


New buildings and renovations: the buildings passive


The protocol designed over 30 years ago and periodically updated, by virtue of the progress of the techniques of building and design, is suitable both for the construction of a new dwelling or a new building, with regard to the restructuring, slight or important, of the existing buildings.

In some cases, it will be possible to apply the protocol PHI even on buildings of historic and architectural interest.


The five pillars of the passive house


The protocol Passivhaus is based on an idea as simple as brilliant: one of the limitation of the dispersion of the heat produced inside the house, and of the recovery of the thermal energy supplied by nature itself.


From a design point of view and the structural, the idea of the passive house is based on the following 5 pillars:

· Isolation of high-quality,

· Windows and doors-performance,

· No heat bridge,

· Housing in air-tight,

· Recovery of the heat produced.


Darmstadt is the first building to Passivhaus

Germany   concept of Passivhaus

 certified  first building in Sicily

certified  first building in Italy


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Progetto del dettaglio Passivhaus

Certifications Passivhaus

Depending on the level of liabilities achieved by the building and, therefore, the energy savings it will generate, the PHI releases different certifications, the passive house.

Passivhaus Standard


The designers (architects, engineers, physicists) fit the criteria provided by the PHI to the climatic conditions of the site. When, following the work of construction or renovation of a building, you get high levels of thermal comfort and energy efficiency, the Passivhaus Institut issues the certification of the passive house.

In function of the possibilities and use of renewable sources of energy and of primary energy, there are three levels of certification:

· Classic,

· Plus,

· Premium.



Passive house Certified

EnerPhit Standard

EnerPhit Certified Retrofit


Even in the case of restructuring of different entities, it is possible to apply the criteria established by the Passivhaus Institut.

The projects will be adapted to the conditions of the building and will respect the constraints of the landscape, architectural, and conservation.

PHI Low Energy Building

Low Energy Building

The criteria imposed by the PHI are obviously very strict: only in this way it is possible to ensure that the standards and the certification corresponds to a real level of comfort and consumption reduction.

If the energy diagnosis carried out by the technicians does not exceed some of the parameters, the building in question would not be entitled to the Standard certificate, but may, however, obtain PHI Low Energy Building.

Passivhaus EnerPHit
Prestazioni Passive house


A passive house in Sicily


The location and morphology of the privileged of Sicily door to find the inside areas climatically very variable: from the hot temperate of the coasts, the mild – cold in mountain areas (Nebrodi and Madonie) and the interior (in particular, the center of the island); from the heat and dry of summer to the cold and wet of winter.

The protocol, PHI will not be applied evenly across the island, but will have to try an adaptation to the specific conditions of the site. Here, then, is a technician qualified and certified to PHI that will occur upstream of the design must carefully evaluate the types of elements and construction techniques:

· Accurate analysis of the situation,

· Adequate thermal insulation and S/V of the casing,

· Doors and windows (doors and windows) high-performance (in particular, it must be noted at the time of installation),

· Exclusion of thermal bridges,

· High air tightness of the envelope,

· Natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation with recuperator heat with high efficiency.


The certification Passivhaus in Sicily


If you are interested in obtaining one of the certifications Passivhaus, the first step is to appoint a Certifier Passivhaus accredited by the PHI. He will:

· Supervise the design documentation,

· To validate the construction as built in accordance with the criteria of the PHI.

When it is all over and gone to a good end, your building will get the certificate of passive house and the name of the official PHI.



Passivhaus in Sicilia
Targa Certificazione Passivhaus
EnerPHit Certified Retrofit
Quality approved Passivhaus


Certified EnerPHit step-by-step

Many owners of houses and buildings can do the renovation step-by-step .

To avoid any additional costs that all of the necessary design measures for the restructuring and redevelopment should be coordinated before performing the early works . For this purpose, the PHI has provided a platform specific certification.

EnerPHit Certified Retrofit
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